Electris - reseller installer

An independent Luxembourg company
Electris is the national electricity supplier and has managed the public distribution network of the city of Mersch for almost a century. With this experience and the skills of our teams, we offer our customers solutions that are both competitive and environmentally friendly for their electricity supply.

A 100% private company, responsive and flexible
Electris is organized to react to quickly respond to fluctuations in the energy market and to provide its subscribers with the best opportunities. Thus, faced with rising prices, we are currently offering our subscribers who wish it a fixed rate, protecting them from any increase.

A company on a human scale, citizen and eco-responsible
Electris also responds to the environmental concerns of its customers by committing to the promotion of clean and renewable energy. Thus, our new SwitchBLUE subscription formula meets the quality criteria for "green" electricity set by Greenpeace, Mouvement Ecologique and Eurosolar. 100% ecological, SwitchBLUE energy is produced by modern hydroelectric dams that are less than 6 years old and exploit the natural force of water without generating CO2 emissions or any polluting waste.

A company committed to serving its customers
Electris is also committed daily alongside its subscribers through availability and quality of service that is both fast, efficient and personalized.
Electris - reseller installer
25, rue G.-D. Charlotte
L-7501 Mersch
Tel: (+352) 32 00 72-75