Enerdeal - reseller installer

Enerdeal is a European leader specializing in the production of industrial solar power plants for businesses as an all-inclusive service. Our “Solar Energy As A Service” solution corresponds to the rental of solar power plants under operational leasing. All of the solar electricity produced comes back to the customer, who can reduce their consumption and energy costs from day one. No investment, no technical or administrative management, savings on operational costs, as well as a positive environmental and marketing impact. We also offer direct sales systems for our clients who prefer to invest themselves. Our clients are commercial, industrial and real estate companies, such as BMW, Trafic, Delhaize, Cora, Cofinimmo, Sunchemical, Trafic and many other renowned clients. Our solutions are aimed at companies interested in reducing their energy costs and improving their environmental footprint. We take care of all technical and administrative activities as an all-inclusive service. We integrate, on request, charging stations for electric cars, which provide additional service consistent with the solar power plant and create additional visibility.

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