Newelec - reseller installer

Founded in 1985, NEWELEC is a company specializing in electricity and industrial electrical engineering. Today, it relies on a team of 160 people spread over 3 sites in Belgium (Liège, Brussels and Mons).

Anxious to offer its customers a full range of services, NEWELEC is the ideal partner for all your electrotechnical projects with internal control of all technical aspects such as engineering, installation and electrical maintenance in HV / MV and LV, the realization of your cabinets, the analysis and management of the quality of your network, automation and supervision, instrumentation… .

For several years, NEWELEC has also been your partner to analyze your electrical consumption and provide you with efficient technical solutions in order to reduce energy costs (LED relamping, analysis of the quality of your network, cogeneration, electrical mobility, etc.).
Newelec - reseller installer
Rue des Fraisiers, 91
B-4041 Herstal-Vottem
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