Privacy policy


Version: February 2019 

1. Introduction 

The NV Powerdale, hereinafter referred to as “Powerdale”, takes the protection of the privacy of its Customers (or their representatives), Partners, users of its products and services, visitors of its website (together referred to as the “data subjects”) very seriously. We therefore treat their personal data in confidence and with the utmost care. We and our Partners will obviously comply with the applicable data protection regulations, amongst which the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR"). By means of this Privacy Policy Powerdale wants to inform the data subjects how Powerdale deals with their personal data. In this Policy we explain how Powerdale deals with the personal data of the data subjects provided by them or received by Powerdale, who the recipient of the data is, the purposes for which the personal data collection takes place and is used, how the data subjects can get insight into their personal data and how they can request to change or erase their data. 

2. Who is the Data Controller ?

2.1. This privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data by Powerdale NV, with registered address at Kerkstraat 4, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium, registered under the company number : 0479.282.443. In principle this company is responsible for the processing, however if another affiliated company would be the recipient of the data, this company will be responsible. 

2.2. If you have any personal data related questions, questions on this privacy policy or about the processing of data, a request to access, alteration, deletion, please send an email to to the attention of the “data privacy officer (DPO)”. 

3. Collection of personal data

3.1. If the client is a Customer, we will collect the following data: the details provided by him, such as name, email address, card number, home address and payment details including bank account details, QR code or credit card details, are collected by Powerdale and only used for the billing of consumption, the performance of our service and to keep you informed of directly related developments. Other data are generated through IT-systems and infrastructure such as card number, the usage of the charge card, location of use, quantity of consumption and period of consumption. 

3.2. In case the Services are purchased or delivered through third party (such as a lease company, a fuel card provider or employer) and/or a party which pays the invoices or reimburse the invoices to the customer based on an agreement between the Customer and that party, Powerdale shall forward the card number and user information on charging sessions to such party(ies) in order for setting payment with respect to the charging sessions. On request of such party, Powerdale can forward the Customer data to such parties. The personal data include the data provided by the Customer after registration of the charge card by means of the card number, the usage of the charge card, such as location of use, quantity of consumption and period of consumption. In some instances, those parties may use this information for analytical purposes in order to evaluate their products and services but also for management purposes which might affect you. Please refer to the privacy statement of those third parties in case one requires further information how they handle the personal data. 

3.3. If someone registers a charge point with us, the details provided by him, such as name, email address, address and details on where the charge point will be or is installed and payment details included bank account details, are collected by Powerdale and used for settling payment with respect to the use of your charge point, the performance of our service and to keep him informed of directly related developments. 

3.4. If someone use one of our charge points, the personal data related to this use is collected by us, such as charge card number, the company issued your charge card, details of the location, of the period of use and of the consumption of electricity during the charging session. Powerdale uses the data to settle payment for the use of the charge point by you. In order to do so Powerdale shares the data only with the data subject and/or the party paying the invoice or any third party based on an agreement between you and that third party. 

3.5. If someone buys one of our charge points, the details provided by him, such as name, home address, email address, phone number and payment details included bank account or credit card details, are collected by Powerdale and only used for the billing, installation of the charge point bought by you, for the performance of our services and to keep you informed of directly related developments. 

3.6. If someone uses the applications for mobile devices, Powerdale collects after your consent data on his location to make it possible for him to use the navigation option, to receive notifications on the charging, or to enable you to notify us about broken charge points. He can easily switch the location functionality off if he wants to withdraw his consent. Besides this device will automatically share certain data with Powerdale as the device interacts. 

3.7. If someone use our website, data is automatically collected by the technology platforms providing the experience. For example, web browser or mobile device may share certain data with Powerdale as those devices interact with our website. This data includes device ID, network access, storage information and battery information, cookies, ip-addresses, referrer headers, data identifying your web browser and version and web beacons and tags. 

3.8. If someone is a lease car driver, Powerdale has to collect his data in order to deliver and install a charge point for him and in order to provide him with a charge card or a combined charge card (in case of combined fuel/electric card). Powerdale also uses data to reimburse him for energy costs related to charging at home, to provide him with an overview of his consumption and of the use of his charge point to the lease company and/or his employer. 

3.9. Powerdale can use the data and/or personal data to partners of lease company and/or employer (such as parties mentioned on a co-branded charge card) only on their request, in order for them to share this data with the lease company and/or employer for analytical and management purposes which might affect the end user. 

3.10. Powerdale can use the end users charging data to advise on optimising charging behaviour with a view to battery preservation or lower charging fees including load balancing in case opted in for this service. Powerdale can also use the charge card data to advise on the type of subscription appropriate to your use. 

3.11. We use the data to inform end users electronically (by email and text message, for example) about Powerdale special offers and campaigns and about new relevant products from our partners until you unsubscribe. 

3.12. When someone signs up for our newsletter, a brochure or a study we store name, address and email address and you receive the newsletter, brochure or study and information about any campaigns and/or promotions from us by email and/or we might contact you for offers or promotions. 

3.13. Powerdale manages the data on charging activity in our own network and in third party networks, by charge point and by charge card. This data is used for the settlement of consumption. Powerdale also uses this data for market analysis and information purposes, with a view to improving our services and analysing the need in relation to the network. The information collected in this way cannot be traced back to personal data. 

4. Purposes of the processing and legal basis 

The abovementioned data will be processed, i.e. kept, stored, collected, transferred, disclosed or otherwise handled by Powerdale, with different purposes depending on the reason for which we obtain personal data. Per data processing one of the following legal basis or a combination of different purposes will be applicable: 

  • Explicit consent, if needed, or 
  • To fulfill our obligations under the contract with the customer of the Partner or in order to take steps at any request prior to entering into a contract, or 
  • To comply with a legal obligation Powerdale is subject to, or 
  • A legitimate interest of Powerdale or a third party, which is not overridden by the data subjects interest or fundamental rights and freedoms which requires protection of his personal data. This can include improving the customer service. 

5. Disclosure to third parties

5.1. In order to operate our business activities, personal data of the data subjects may be transferred to affiliated companies of Powerdale. We base such transfer on our legitimate interest to ensure an efficient administration of Powerdale. 

5.2. Powerdale will not sell or otherwise provide the personal data of the data subjects to third parties and will only make it available to third parties involved in the delivery of Products/performance of the services agreed with the Customer or a third party on your behalf. Only personal data that are necessary to fulfil the purposes stated above will be provided to these third-party providers. All third-party providers must follow the instructions of Powerdale and applicable written data processor agreements (including confidentiality undertakings) and any other agreements that are in place between Powerdale and her third-party providers, and must implement appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of the personal data. 

5.3. Powerdale can share information and personal data with its advisors and authorities if necessary to investigate, prevent or take actions against illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations that pose a potential risk to a person’s physical security, breach of terms of use / end-user license agreement or when required under applicable law, to follow up on potential disputes or court cases, and to the extent allowed under applicable data protection regulations. 

6. Transfer to third countries 

Powerdale uses partners to manage and store its data. These partners may be located in the EU/EEA, but also outside the EU/EEA. Powerdale chooses partners that offer an adequate level of personal data protection, either through compliance with the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework, Binding Corporate Rules or entering into Standard Contractual Clauses as accepted by the European Commission or through comparable rules. Powerdale enters into written data processor agreements (including confidentiality undertakings) with all its partners if required. 

7. Data retention 

Personal data are not processed any longer than what is necessary for the particular purpose or as required by applicable EU or Member State Law. Powerdale retains the personal data of the data subjects for as long as the contract entered into continues or for as long as it is necessary to deliver our Products and/or Services. If the Customer decides to stop using our Products and/or Services, we will delete the personal data at his request, except for the data Powerdale is required to retain to comply with a legal obligation (f.ex. invoices). Copy of these data may be stored in backups. 

8. Information Protection

8.1. The security of the personal data of the data subjects is important. Powerdale has taken appropriate organizational measures and technical measures within its organization to secure the use of the data. Servers used to retain personal data are stored in a secure environment and access is protected physically and logically. 

8.2. Our employees and third parties brought in by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the data. Access to personal data is limited to employees/third parties who need access to these data as part of their function or tasks. 

9. Alterations to the Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy may need updating as a result of changes in the applicable laws or as a result of changes in the business of services. So therefore, we advise the data subject to read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to remain up to date. If Powerdale makes changes that materially alter privacy rights of the data subjects, Powerdale will provide additional notice, such as via email or through the services. 

10. The data subjects rights 

Each data subject has the right to access his data and to modification or deletion in the event the data as stored by us are incorrect or otherwise unlawful. 

If someone has any questions about the Privacy Policy of Powerdale, please contact us through our website or contact details mentioned above. If he does have complaints about the use of his data, which we have not solved in an adequate manner, he can file a complaint with the competent Data Protection Authority: Belgian Data Protection Authority, offices in 1000 Brussels (Belgium), Rue de la Presse 35, , +32 (0) 2 274 48 00.