Cluster | Nexxtender solution

The most advanced charging solution for parking lots and condominiums

Economic & scalable

  • Separate electronics from charging point
  • Low data cost: single communication channel
  • Efficient installation and maintenance

Easy & user-friendly

  • Flexible mounting & feeding options
  • Multiple access options:
    • Open mode: no identification or authentication
    • Nexxtender App: for registered users (for private or public charging points), just scan the QR code on the charging Plug 
    • Access: RFID-badge, contactless
Nexxtender Cluster

Smart & safe

The Cluster is designed for smart and slow charging (>= 4h)

  • Smart charging to take the buildings' needs and the needs of the drivers into account 
  • Safe : The charging point is unpowered when the charging point is not in use

Technical Specifications

Charging specifications    
  IEC Compliant Mode 3 per IEC 61851-1:2017
  Vehicle Interface Type 2
  Charging cable Integrated cable (4 m length)
  Current ratings Modular from 6 A to 32 A (single phase) and from
6 A to 16 A (three phase)
  Charging power output Up to 7.4 kW (for single phase on-board chargers)
and 11 kW (for three phase on-board chargers)
  Grid compliance 1 x 230 VAC and 3 X 400VAC + N
  Grid frequency 50 Hz 
Environmental specifications    
  Ingress protection (charging points) IP 44 (indoor / outdoor use) 
  Operating humidity Up to 95% RH non-condensing
  Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Mechanical specifications    
  Dimensions (HxWxD) Plug: 289 mm x 151 mm x 225 mm (per charging point)
    Power module: 95,5 x 160 x 62 mm, 9 module units
    Control module: 137 x 205 x 52mm, 12 module units
  External casing (base) Stainless steel (coated)
  External casing (top) Plastic: Polystyrene
  Approximate shipping weight Plug: 5,6 kg excl. box, 7,2 kg incl. box
Power Module: 250 g
  Mounting options Wall- or pole  mount (up to 4 plugs per pole)
  Mechanical protection IK 10
Interfacing specifications    
  Charging points per Cluster control module From 6 to 16 charging points
  Supported protocols Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.5)
  Options Ethernet (LAN), Wifi, Modbus. Mobile communication over optional external modem.
  Cluster Control module Ethernet
    USB to ROMA bus adaptor to Cluster Power module
    Safe mode input
    Power supply +24 Vdc
  Cluster Power module CP/PP
    Power input: 3 phase + N + PE
    Power output: 3 phase + N
    Roma control bus (from controller)
    Power supply +24 Vdc
Functional features    
  Integrated measurement Energy/Power three-phase measurement (Class1)
  Software upgrade Local upgrade via USB connector
  Configuration Via local web page
  Access options (integrated) Open mode or via iOS/Android app
  Access options (with Access Terminal option) RFID badges, Bancontact or prepaid contactless payment (credits/debit cards)