Cluster | Nexxtender solution

The most advanced charging solution for parking lots and condominiums

Economic & scalable

  • Separate electronics from charging point
  • Low data cost: single communication chanel
  • Efficient installation and maintenance

Easy & user-friendly

  • Flexible mounting & feeding options
  • Multiple access options:
    • Open mode: no identification or authentication
    • Nexxtender App: for registered users (for private or public charging points), just scan the QR code on the charging Plug 
    • Nexxtender Access: RFID-badge, contactless
Nexxtender Cluster

Smart & safe

The Nexxtender Cluster is designed for smart & slow charging (>= 4h)

  • Smart charging to take buildings' energy requirements and drivers' needs into account. 
  • Safe: no voltage on charging point conductors when the charging device is not in use




Technical Specifications

    Nexxtender Cluster
Charging specifications    
  IEC Compliant Mode 3 per IEC 61851-1:2016
  Vehicle Interface Type 2 (integrated cable (4 m lenght)
Type 1 adapter on request
    Integrated cable (4 m length)
  Current ratings Modular from 6 A to 32 A (single phase) and from
6 A to 16 A (three phase)
  Charging power output Up to 5.7 kW (for single phase on-board chargers)
and 11 kW (for three phase on-board chargers)
  Grid compliance 1 x 230 VAC and 3 X 400VAC + N
  Grid frequency 50 Hz 
Environmental specifications    
  Ingress protection (charging points) IP 44 (indoor / outdoor use) 
  Operating humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
  Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Mechanical specifications    
  Dimensions (HxWxD) 300 mm x 151 mm x 220 mm (per charging point)
  External casing (base) Stainless steel (coated)
  External casing (top) Plastic: Polystyrene
  Approximate shipping weight 5 kg (per charging point)
Plug: 5,6 kg excl. box, 7,2 kg incl. box
Power Module 250 g
  Mounting options Wall mounted or on a pole (up to 4 charging points per pole)
  Mechanical protection IK 10
Interfacing specifications    
  Charging points per Cluster control module From 6 to 16 charging points
  Supported protocols Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 1.5 JSON)
  Options Ethernet (LAN)/GPRS 2.5G (Edge, with internal antenna)/ Wifi, Modbus
  Nexxtender Cluster Control module Ethernet
    USB to ROMA bus adaptor to Cluster Power module
    Isolated Modbus RS485 interface  for remote control  and meter access
    Safe mode input
    Power supply +24 Vdc
  Nexxtender Cluster Power module CP/PP
    Power input: 3 phase + N + PE
    Power output: 3 phase + N
    Roma control bus (from controller)
    Power supply +24 Vdc
Functional features    
  Integrated measurement Energy/Power three-phase measurement (Class1)
  Software upgrade Local upgrade via USB connector
  Configuration Via local web page
  Access options (integrated) Open mode or via iOS/Android app
  Access options (with Nexxtender Access Terminal option) RFID badges, Bancontact or prepaid contactless payment (credits/debit cards)