Smart charging for any kind of buildings and parking lots

Better charging experience

Better charging experience

NexxtGEM (Nexxtender Global Energy Management) determines charging priorities and plans charging sessions based on the driver’s needs while taking into account the available power of the building. The algorithm’s goal is to provide the drivers with sufficient charge to perform their next trip.

Smart charging for buildings

NexxtGEM ensures buildings keep their power capacity for their daily operations even when dozens of EV’s are charging. Thanks to dynamic load balancing, fluctuating charging demands and available power remain in balance.

Smart charging for buildings

Greener consumption

Smart charging for greener consumption

If your building produces renewable energy NexxtGEM makes it possible to integrate this energy production in the charging process. So drivers can charge their car using the renewable energy.

Technical Specifications

  User interface Touchscreen for local reporting
  Local computing Algorithm embedded in the device 
  Local configuration On-site configuration via a local web page
Design specifications    
  Cabinet integration DIN-rail mountable
  Material Plastic housing
  Size (H x W x D): 205 mm x 165 mm x 50 mm (12 modules)


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