Barry Callebaut

Barry CallebautSupporting the development of EV public infrastructure.

The Barry Callebaut Group, headquartered in Switzerland, resulted from the merger between Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut and French chocolate producer Cacao Barry in 1996. The Group has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1998. Following the integration of the acquired cocoa business from Petra Foods into the Barry Callebaut Group in June 2013, the company is now the largest manufacturer of both chocolate and cocoa products.

Since the beginning of 2019 Barry Callebaut Belgium created a new car policy for their employees to have the possibility to drive with an Electric Vehicle.

The employees that are entitled to a company car are encouraged to opt for electric driving and receive an ´how to drive ecologically with a PHEV/FEV’ academy to learn how to switch to EV-driving while taking into account the electric driving range of the vehicle.
On the employee parking they have installed 8 dual Advance AC chargers (16 charging points). This is part of Barry Callebaut’s migration to a 100% EV car fleet by 2030.