Creos Luxembourg S.A. and Powerdale S.A. create NEXXTLAB

Luxembourg and Brussels, 13.12.2017

NEXXTLAB, development of innovative solutions in the field EM2

Creos Luxembourg SA and Powerdale SA have decided to join forces and unite in a joint entity called NEXXTLAB which is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions in the field EM2 (energy management in coordination with the massive introduction of electromobility).
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is mobilizing more and more to become a "smart nation". This mobilization results from a clear vision on the implementation of the Third Industrial Revolution  and in a favorable alignment of legislative, regulatory and operational structures at the national level.

Following the electrification of mobility, the installation of heating solutions using heat pumps and the setting up of energy-intensive industries in Luxembourg in recent years, power grid operators are facing new challenges in the operation and management of the balance of their power grids. A dynamic approach is needed to optimize new energy flows from a technical and behavioral point of view.
NEXXTLAB has an open structure, focused on collaboration with research centers, universities and partner companies. The solutions are developed primarily in Luxembourg in the form of projects, products and services.

The new structure is based in Luxembourg and has been operational from the beginning of 2018 and has the legal form of a public limited company.