De Vlaamse Staak


Realization of a sustainable industrial zone as a proof-of-concept

Development Project

The main goal of De Vlaamse Staak is to demonstrate the viable control of energy flows in this “green industrial estate” where the heating requirements are to be covered without having access to the public gas network nor private gas-fired installations while covering all energy needs through a limited connection with the electrical grid and local renewable energy sources.

The concept should allow an energy services company to deliver energy comfort services at the level of industrial estates.

Powerdale delivers an energy management system & EV-charging infrastructure for the various buildings and participates in the development of strategies to maximize the self-consumption and minimize grid-offtake.


  • Development and implementation of data platform
  • Development of dashboards at the company and the industrial zoning level
  • Optimization of the control of heat pumps in correlation with the renewable energy yield
  • Integration of EV-charging equipment as an active participant in the energy optimization mix