Horizon 2020 - Innovation Actions (IA)
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for improved User Experience

European-funded project (2020-2024) on the users and substantially improve the EV charging experience within cities and on long trips, making it better than refuelling an ICE vehicle, and to support investors and authorities to deploy new charging infrastructure, solutions and services in a user-centric and sustainable way. The user-friendly charging systems and interoperable services of this project will be demonstrated in 11 areas, covering metropolitan areas, the TEN-T network and cross-border routes.

Powerdale contributes in delivering a user-friendly multi-use charging station for passenger and light electric vehicle, supporting G2V & V2G applications and standard communication, including interfaces to the EV, according to ISO 15118, and interface to the CPO and eMSPs back-ends.


  • Develop and demonstrate user-friendly charging stations and smart charging solutions for passenger vehicles and LEVs.
  • Enable and demonstrate the interoperability of end-to-end communication (vehicle-to-charging station, charging station-to-back-end and back-end-to-user).
  • Maximize benefits (i.e. reduce costs) for the users by designing and demonstrating innovative efficient charging stations and charging components, smart power management modules and smart charging strategies, that will additionally enable the more efficient integration of EVs in the electricity network.
  • Deploy and demonstrate innovative charging solutions for on-street residential charging for passenger vehicles, including a mobile charging service and charging points on lamp posts, and standardized battery swapping stations for LEVs.
  • Understand the user needs and develop and demonstrate charging solutions and services to improve the user charging experience.
  • Accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure and solutions in a sustainable and user-centric way.