Enovos and Powerdale unite for electromobility

Brussels, 22.03.2017

Enovos anticipates growing needs in terms of electromobility

As the driving force of electromobility in Luxembourg since 2010, Enovos cooperates with Powerdale to anticipate the evolution and the growing needs in terms of electromobility. Powerdale and Enovos signed an agreement on March 9 for the deployment of Nexxtender charging stations for electric vehicles.

The deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles has so far mainly consisted of private initiatives - with Enovos as the main player with more than 600 charging points - the charging infrastructure will undergo a significant evolution in the immediate future. As part of the Chargy project, 800 public charging stations will be installed in Luxembourg by 2020. This public initiative, implemented by the distribution network operators, is accelerating the development of electric mobility in Luxembourg.

In order to anticipate future developments and needs beyond public infrastructure, Enovos and Powerdale have signed a commercial agreement for the deployment in Luxembourg of Nexxtender kiosks combined with the Chargy national monitoring platform.

Enovos' offering will include the sale of Powerdale terminals, installation of kiosks by trained local installers, commissioning, maintenance and upkeep as well as mobility and charging services. This offer will target public and private stakeholders as well as professionals and individuals. Enovos and Powerdale will collaborate now to offer the best charging solutions to users. The two partners hope to achieve together a major step towards the success of the energy transition in Luxembourg.

Eco-mobility is a major challenge for Luxembourg in which Enovos has a key role to play. Enovos already offers a range of innovative services and sustainable solutions in this field and is actively engaged in the development of new technologies and infrastructures that are smart and easy to use. As eco-mobility has been confirmed by the Rifkin study as a key factor in the move towards a cleaner and green sustainable future, the partnership with Powerdale is only logical for Enovos. As a key player in Luxembourg's energy transition, Enovos aspires to be one of the driving forces behind the promotion and evolution of eco-mobility. The partnership with Powerdale will enable us to continue our development in this sector, welcomed Marc Reiffers, CEO of Enovos Luxembourg.

"The deployment of charging solutions for electric cars in Luxembourg is accelerating. The partnership signed with Enovos will make our advanced solutions even more accessible to all our Luxembourg customers. This partnership is based on our vision of the needs of electric mobility: ease of use, integration of local renewable production, management of local power, follow-up and financial services, flexibility of adaptations in line with market developments, oriented smart grid thanks to smart terminals. We thank Enovos for their trust and recognition of our expertise in terms of electric mobility and energy management "said Olivier Piraux, CEO of Powerdale.