GlaxoSmithKline contributes to a sustainable mobility

GSK operates on different sites in Belgian Brabant Wallon (Wavre and Rixensart). Conscious of energy transition challenges, the company has invested over the past years in electromobility by setting clear goals:

  1. Reduce carbon footprint
  2. Reduce fleet costs
  3. Increase drivers satisfaction

To support GSK reaching these goals, Powerdale has provided a complete solution made of AC chargers (Nexxtender AC) installed on the different sites, of smart cables (Nexxtender Mobile) allowing workers and employees to charge wherever they are and of an e-mobility platform (Nexxtmove) allowing GSK fleet and facility managers to manage the charging processes. To promote e-mobility, the fleet manager ([Name] has set-up a home charging reimbursement program, paying ev drivers back for their charges at home. This program was made possible thanks to Powerdale's reimbursement services and the communication technology of the Nexxtender Mobiles.

After one and half year of collaboration, around 60 charging points were installed on the different GSK sites and 200 charging points were set at disposal of GSK staff.

Other innovative processes include: managing of the access to charging points in function of the vehicle type and load management.