High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for Reliable, energy efficient drivetrains and optimization through Multi-physics simulation

ECSEL Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)

ECSEL project (2018-2021) at a resource-efficient and decarbonized transportation system, supported by the use of advanced and highly integrated wide-bandgap (WBG) technologies in electronic power circuits of electrified vehicles and charging infrastructures.

Powerdale contributes in designing, developing and prototyping the following systems:

a) Uni-directional on-board charging system based on GaN technology,
b) High-level charging management system (HL-CMS) for high-power off-board DC charger based on SiC technology.


  • Long term cost reduction for SiC and GaN switches.
  • WBG switches with energy efficiency up to 98%.
  • WBG switches with up to 500 KHz.
  • Reliability and safety as Si technology.
  • Power electronic sub-systems with 40% less spatial volume.

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