InfrabelMonitoring a nationally distributed Closed Distribution Network

As railway infrastructure manager, Infrabel is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Belgian railway infrastructure. This includes also the management of infrastructure by offering train paths to local and international railway undertakings for the transport of goods or passengers. Infrabel not only operates electrical installations to power trains throughout the country, but also manages the electrical grid for all train stations, maintenance and repair sites, crossings and signalling installations. Railway undertakings can choose their own electricity supplier or use the electricity bought by Infrabel. The electricity law recognizes the specific situation of Infrabel by given it a specific role, manager of the Railway Traction Grid. Infrabel provides metering and billing services for all connected customers.

Providing adequate metering and ensuring all measurements are dully collected, verified, eventually automatically corrected and then prepared for billing is a task that continually has to be executed with the highest possible accuracy and speed. This assignment was entrusted to Powerdale’s Telemetry Platform that is currently being customized to suit Infrabel’s operations completely. Inputs from various data sources (combining manually read meters, automated meter reading (AMR) and years of historical data from databases) are checked and streamlined. Additionally the balancing of the supply of energy via the connection points with the TSO and DNO’s against consumption and local energy generation is done before billing is prepared. On top of this various algorithms provide Infrabel with fault detection, forecasting and alarming.