Openbaar Stadsnet 2.0


Power Data Backbone for Digital City Poles

Cooperative Development Project

This is a Flanders-funded (2019-2021) project for the development of innovative street lighting poles in cities, offering an integrated electricity- and data-communication network for IoT and value-added applications.

The main objective of Openbaar Stadsnet 2.0, also called the City Poles Project, is to develop a future-proof digital city pole that serves as a central point for charging along public streets and supporting IoT-related applications.

The project includes the development and pilot installation of a modular and ‘active’ lighting pole that serves as the basis for various smart city applications; smart EV-charging being one of them them. Next to this, a satellite system for charging sockets will be developed that is linked to the lighting pole.

Powerdale will participate in the provision of smart city infrastructure through the development of a novel and visually attractive charging points concept for integration in an (semi-) urban context.


  • Development of a modular Digital City Pole concept
  • Development of use cases and a smart city data platform to allow for their application
  • Development of a satellite charging station that doesn’t generate visual pollution
  • Demonstration of all developments on the Keiberg Industrial Estate pilot site