Optimized bi-directional & smart vehicle charging in local energy systems

ICON Project

Flanders-funded project (2019-2021) on optimized bi-directional & smart vehicle charging in local energy systems. The project partners will do strategic research to develop intelligent algorithms to predict the short- and long-term energy demand and supply of electric vehicles, design and integrate intelligent charging stations into local energy systems, and investigate how this integration can contribute to making local energy systems be viable economic ecosystems.

Powerdale contributes in delivering energy management expertise to the project partners and by developing uni-/bi-directional off-board DC chargers for grid-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid applications.


  • Intelligent, smart and bi-directional charging strategies
  • Development of off-board and on-board smart and bi-directional DC chargers with integrated local storage
  • Investigation of smart- and bi-directional charging in LES as sustainable ecosystems
  • Integration of smart -and bidirectional chargers in the LES
  • Optimization of energy assets in LES based on mobility needs