Ortec & reimbursement services

The ORTEC journey started in the early 1980s. A few young Dutch students wanted to show the world the value of mathematics to secure long term sustainable growth for organizations and society at large. 39 years later, ORTEC is the world’s leading supplier of mathematical optimization software and advanced analytics with around 1,000 employees and offices in 13 countries around the globe. Over the years, they have optimized business processes at more than 1,200 leading companies, enabling us to make a significant contribution to a better world.

Ortec Belgium decided to give their employees the possibility to drive with an electric vehicle. For them it is important that the employee has also the opportunity to charge at his/her home and to reimburse the charging costs at home directly to the account of the employee. This is what we call the reimbursement service. The employees can choose to install an Advance wallbox  at their home or to use the Mobile smart charger.