Rolecs: Roll out of Local Energy Communities (LECs)

ICON Project

The main goal of Rolecs is to generate multiple models to optimize various concepts of Local Energy Communities, understand the grid and legal limitations they may encounter and study the impact of a large-scale roll out on the overall energy system, on carbon emissions and on large scale sustainable investments.

The project includes 10 complementary pilots to generate various data sets for LEC model design and –validation, and aims at presenting LEC cooperation concepts that respect all related end-consumers whether they participate in the LEC or not. Rolecs is a collaborative project, grouping all Flemish research institutions involved in energy research and 25 companies, studying (and operationalizing where possible) both business and legal implications and determining how to interact with existing legislation and technology.

Powerdale delivers monitoring & EV-charging infrastructure for two pilot sites and participates in the development of viable business models.


  • Analysing, designing and validating models for LECs
  • Studying business and legal options and how they interact with the exisiting legislation and technology
  • Collecting data and deriving the intercorrelations that define human behaviour