SwiftSwift, an extensive user of the Nexxtender family.

To boost green mobility, Swift, the global provider of secure financial messaging service, has decided to migrate a significant percentage of their car fleet to hybrid and full electric. More than 35 charging stations are available at their parking locations in La Hulpe, Belgium. At home, employees use Advance (full electric cars) or Mobile (hybrid cars).

Process integration is key for Swift. Electrical charging could be no exception. Through the EV platform, a transparent and efficient process helps the Human Resources Department manage the cost reimbursement to employees for charging at home and on the move. Other innovative processes include: managing of the access to charging points in function of the vehicle type and load management.

In order to coordinate the charging process, a flexible load management solution has been installed. On the screen of the Advance charging stations , users can select either the desired range to be added or a selected time available for charging. Upon completion of the charging, the user receives a notification by text or email.